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This site offers a practical ten step course on how to practice the Buddha Dharma, where each step is associated with a dharma realm. It is not limited to the Zen school but we include a novel approach to Zen koans in the Advanced Zen section. The full website is accessed through the navigation buttons at the top of this page or by clicking on the five rotating photos above. If using a mobile phone, click on the three horizontal bars. The blog posts below are for entertainment reading only and with a few exceptions do not relate to the educational ten step program.

Interviewing Zen Masters is a free podcast produced by The Zen Practice Foundation. These rare interviews granted by outstanding teachers from all schools of Buddhism (not limited to Zen) will add depth to the practice of beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

You can help us share the Buddha Dharma by taking these important steps: 1) Becoming a podcast subscriber now; 2) Downloading and listening to an episode when we launch (subscribers will be notified); 3) Going to iTunes and giving the podcast a five star rating; and 4) Asking your social media friends to do the same. iTunes is the primary podcast portal and without downloads and five star ratings, the podcast will not be listed under "New and Noteworthy" by iTunes and may not survive. We need your support! Our mission is to bring to each subscriber the Dharma as taught by the greatest Buddhist teachers in the world. You will hear them here if you subscribe by filling in the (safe) info below. If you are new to podcasts, please click on How To Find And Rate A Podcast in the navigation bar above.

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Thank You Ajahn Sumedho

I have been trying to make some sense of my wife’s abrupt passing after a lifetime of perfect health. She was diagnosed on February 25,...

Where Has All The Wisdom Gone?

The U.S. President now wants Congress to authorize the use of military force in Iraq, again. Having ended “combat operations” (murder) in 2014, now we...

Hoorah for Putin, Not for Congress

Congress, now completely controlled by war-mongers, seems eager to start a war with Russia. As always, they generate lies to support their insane plans. They...

A Funny Bit Of Zen History

In the early days of the Clear Water Zen Center, several members of the Miami Zen Center would cross the Florida peninsula from east to northwest to...

The Pope Leans Toward Zen

For many years meat-eaters have tried to cure me of my vegetarian views by advising me that animals, unlike people, have no souls and therefore...

Tranquil Wisdom Zen

    Don’t just sit there – do something! Conventional wisdom Don’t just do something – sit there! Buddhist wisdom This website is about practice;...

Present Moment Awareness Zen

Introduction to Buddhist Practice Nirvana is the highest happiness…the Buddha, as quoted in The Dhammapada, verses 203 and 204.  If we complete this course, it...

Loving Kindness Zen

Step 2 – Finding the Footprints The Ninth Dharma Realm Along the riverbank under the trees, I discover footprints. Even under the fragrant grass, I...

Silent Present Moment Zen

Step 3 – First Glimpse of the Ox The Eighth Dharma Realm I hear the song of the nightingale. The sun is warm, the wind...

Mindfulness Of The Body Zen

Step 4 – Catching the Ox The Seventh Dharma Realm I seize him with a terrific struggle. His great will and power are inexhaustible. He...

Mindfulness of Feelings Zen

Step Five – Taming the Ox The Sixth Dharma Realm The whip and rope are necessary, else he might stray off down some dusty road....

Mindfulness of the Mind Zen

Step Six – Riding the Ox Home The Fifth Dharma Realm Mounting the Ox, slowly I return homeward. The voice of my flute intones through...
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